Movie Review: Little Women (2019 release)

I rarely see a particular movie more than once for the same reason I don’t often read a book twice: there are so many others and only so many hours to spare. But the new version of Little Women deserved extra hours to appreciate the fullness of the director Greta Gerwig’s vision. Compiling a narrativeContinue reading “Movie Review: Little Women (2019 release)”

Book Review: The Orphan Master’s Son

The Orphan Master’s Son, set in North Korea, by Adam Johnson is a literary tale about identity and story. The setting, plot, and characters captivate on their own level to bring us a story we can relate to. Identity Most of the major characters are unnamed or given a pseudonym. The main character never knowsContinue reading “Book Review: The Orphan Master’s Son”

Old Stories Made New

My sister loaned me her Jesus Christ Superstar movie. After I watched it, I was struck by how awe-inspiring the familiar story was–as if I’d experienced it for the first time. When was the first time? I couldn’t remember; it was so deep inside me from such a young age.Because it is so familiar, whenContinue reading “Old Stories Made New”

Book Review: One Thousand Gifts

Most mornings she woke weary, beaten down by dirty floors and crying children and heavy tasks. Her mind looked for escape from what lay ahead: the same as yesterday, tomorrow, and next week. Like a stagnant pond. She worked hard yesterday only to find much that needed to be tackled again. Would her life everContinue reading “Book Review: One Thousand Gifts”

The Story of Moses

Moses, great man of God, can teach us much about God’s patience and grace. God gave Moses abilities to use for his people, and we can learn as we read his story in Exodus. When God called Moses to go back to Egypt and rescue the Hebrews, God often had many opportunities to be angryContinue reading “The Story of Moses”

Late-Breaking Story

As a young boy, his mother brought him to church. His father didn’t attend with them. The boy soon outgrew church, trading it in for the outdoors. He hunted, trapped, and fished. Later still, he and my mom raised four daughters, and he attended church with the family only for baptisms and weddings. He guidedContinue reading “Late-Breaking Story”

Soup Stories

My four-year-old granddaughter sat on the bar stool, looking across the counter to where I prepared lunch at the kitchen sink. She said, “I can’t wait for the soup to cook; I’m so hungry.” “What would you trade for some soup?” I told her the Bible story of the older brother who sells his inheritanceContinue reading “Soup Stories”

Marriage Story

Show your children that the marital relationship is the main priority. Be courteous to each other. Respect your spouse by speaking well of them. Always. Enjoy the day-to-day routines and even the disasters, which will likely end up as treasured funny stories. My in-laws remained married for more than sixty-five years — until they diedContinue reading “Marriage Story”

Buffets of Books

  I’m standing in front of a buffet of all my favorite foods. Salmon, scallops, or crab?  Baked, roasted, or mashed potatoes? Dark chocolate brownies or apple crisp with ice cream? Do you ever feel like this? Frozen in place, overwhelmed with all the possibilities? I love choices, but there is a downside to tooContinue reading “Buffets of Books”

Seasonal Stories

Just as a year has seasons designed for certain tasks and priorities, so can a woman’s life story. A year’s seasons can be compared to the chapters in a woman’s life. Her coming-of-age, finding love, growing a family, living and working in her community and world. There is overlap, and chapters can come in aContinue reading “Seasonal Stories”