Seasonal Stories

Just as a year has seasons designed for certain tasks and priorities, so can a woman’s life story. A year’s seasons can be compared to the chapters in a woman’s life. Her coming-of-age, finding love, growing a family, living and working in her community and world.

There is overlap, and chapters can come in a non-traditional order, but a life story has so many goals to attain and a lifetime to achieve them. Today’s women, coming out of a time when options were few, seem to feel they must make up for time lost, accomplish it all, AND at the same time.

Multi-tasking may be a good strategy for one’s career or for a busy mother, but a multi-tasking life means at the least it is an exhausting existence that is challenging to do everything well. We are limited by time and energy both in our days, our years, our lives.

Would we be better able to enjoy whatever season we are in if instead we accept that it is okay to focus on the main thing for that time? We may need to fight our own feelings and others’ judgments that we’re lazy because it seems everyone else can do everything and can do it well, but are they? Or is it just a role they are playing when the world is watching?

Women have gained many freedoms to write their own life story, but as the authors of our lives, it would be wise to consider when to sow, when to reap, when to harvest, and when to rest. May it be we find a happy ending when we finish the last pages of our life stories.