The Story of Moses

Moses, great man of God, can teach us much about God’s patience and grace. God gave Moses abilities to use for his people, and we can learn as we read his story in Exodus.

When God called Moses to go back to Egypt and rescue the Hebrews, God often had many opportunities to be angry with him for his lack of trust in the calling. Right from the start, Moses questions God. “Who am I, that I should go?”

God encourages Moses that he’ll be with him, gives him a sign, and performs a few personal miracles for Moses. But again, Moses offers the what-if-they-don’t-believe-me scenario.

God reassures, Moses balks. This plot continues even though it seems so obvious to us that God will be with him.

Wow. How could he be so … like us?

We often feel inadequate for the work God gives us, just like Moses. Most independent Americans rely on themselves to get things done. Isn’t that the American way? 

In the Exodus story, God tells Moses to trust him instead of someone else who can help him. God tells him he will help him, yet Moses constantly struggles to believe God is capable, good, and wise.

When God tells Moses to go talk to Pharaoh, Moses asks God to send someone else. Though God burns with “anger against Moses,” he gives him Aaron as his helper and, graciously, still allows Moses to be part of his plan.


God could have dismissed Moses completely, let Aaron be the leader of the exodus from Egypt. Moses could’ve been delegated to the sidelines to watch, but that didn’t happen. 

The story of Moses shows us clearly that God uses his people. As with all stories, there is something to learn for the reader. What life lessons do you see?