Stories as Soul Food

We enjoy the welcome to join others around the table, to pass the food and drink, to listen to the others’ stories in a warm place. And to tell about our own adventures.

As we are filled with food and drink and comforted by the coziness around the table among friends and loved ones, we also are satiated by the stories we share. We listen to what others did, successfully or not, and learn from them.

What did they do? What were they thinking? Why?

Story is food for the soul. Studies show the brain is designed to crave to know what happened to others and why it happened. Because we need to know, we love many forms of story: gossip, movies, novels, memoirs, video games, reality shows, and more.

This blog is about sharing story. As a writer, I believe in the power of story, in how it feeds our souls. If you love story, I welcome you to join me around the table of my website.

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