"After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world."

-Philip Pullman

If you love stories, welcome to my website.



Welcome Reader,

Do you love stories? Did you grow up with books and movies? Are libraries and bookstores a few of your favorite places?

I love stories and grew up reading books and even worked at a movie theater during high school. Libraries and bookstores (especially if they contain a coffee shop) pull me in, locally and while visiting other cities (like Powell’s in Portland).

We learn so much through stories–how to understand others who are way different than us, what history meant to the people living it, and ultimately, who we are as a person.

Another way we benefit by reading is to see how others overcome challenges. Some even say when we read, we live the story with the character (I believe this!).

I love stories about characters who contemplate life, find themselves short, and work to make a new beginning. Stories peopled with oddballs who turn out to be a lot like me. Stories that throw characters into unexpected situations they need to struggle to survive.

What type of stories do you gravitate toward? Is there a theme you search for?

My sports-enthusiast husband (who tells great stories) and I live in the beautiful Northwest so my short stories, novels, and poems are often set on river banks, in the woods, or along dirt roads.

Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear about you and stories, your favorite place to read (now or as a child), or your latest favorite or all-time favorite book. I hope this website can be a resource for you to encourage your reading adventures. Soon to come: links to other websites you might enjoy as a reader.



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