When was your Last Letter?

When was the last time you got a letter in your mailbox from a friend? A real letter?

Do they even exist anymore?

More likely, your friend sent a quick text, or if you were lucky, an email. Special occasions might net you a card in your mailbox on your birthday, Christmas, or an anniversary. It would be extra special if the friend adds a personal note.

After I sent a friend in Canada a Christmas card with a newsletter and a personal note, I got a letter from her bringing me up-to-date with her past year. I appreciated the letter and news. It made me smile and want to make the time for a visit when the weather gets better.

Letters are ways of telling our stories, usually our current ones, such as telling about family members, significant changes, and trips. We want to both share our own and learn from the letter stories we receive.

Letters have always been special because they take time and thought. But it always has been a great way to connect with others, and so it is extra sad that letter writing is becoming a lost art.

When was the last time you got a letter in your mailbox? Who was it from?

When did you last write a letter?