Movie Review: Little Women (2019 release)

I rarely see a particular movie more than once for the same reason I don’t often read a book twice: there are so many others and only so many hours to spare. But the new version of Little Women deserved extra hours to appreciate the fullness of the director Greta Gerwig’s vision. Compiling a narrativeContinue reading “Movie Review: Little Women (2019 release)”

A First Story

The cabin in the northern Idaho woods was warm, but the fireplace needed wood soon. Ellie still lay on the second-hand sofa, trying to relax. Her belly tightened. She inhaled sharply and held her breath, closing her eyes.  Relax. She forced herself to inhale and exhale into the pain–slow and deep. A minute later, the squeezingContinue reading “A First Story”

Campfire Stories

Who hasn’t had the joy of sitting around a campfire singing songs and telling stories? Campfires invite some of childhood’s scariest ghost stories. Our prehistoric ancestors told stories while they were keeping warm or cooking their dinner around the fire. They didn’t have television or computers to entertain themselves. No social media. They told stories.Continue reading “Campfire Stories”

When was your Last Letter?

  When was the last time you got a letter in your mailbox from a friend? A real letter? Do they even exist anymore? More likely, your friend sent a quick text, or if you were lucky, an email. Special occasions might net you a card in your mailbox on your birthday, Christmas, or anContinue reading “When was your Last Letter?”

Book Review: The Orphan Master’s Son

The Orphan Master’s Son, set in North Korea, by Adam Johnson is a literary tale about identity and story. The setting, plot, and characters captivate on their own level to bring us a story we can relate to. Identity Most of the major characters are unnamed or given a pseudonym. The main character never knowsContinue reading “Book Review: The Orphan Master’s Son”

Why Read Fiction?

People say fiction is only make-believe and those who read it want to escape life. Nonfiction is reality, they say; fiction isn’t. Why waste your time? It’s true that non-fiction describes life accurately. But fiction shows us truth in a special way. In story, we enter the world of the tale through words on the page.Continue reading “Why Read Fiction?”

Love Story

 Love and marriage go together like salt and pepper or shampoo and conditioner. So what happens when the love disappears? Often that means the couple lets the marriage go. But does that make good sense? If you ran out of conditioner, would you refuse to shampoo your hair? If you ran out of salt, wouldn’tContinue reading “Love Story”

Old Stories Made New

My sister loaned me her Jesus Christ Superstar movie. After I watched it, I was struck by how awe-inspiring the familiar story was–as if I’d experienced it for the first time. When was the first time? I couldn’t remember; it was so deep inside me from such a young age.Because it is so familiar, whenContinue reading “Old Stories Made New”

Book Review: Quaker Summer

Book: Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson This women’s contemporary fiction was more than an enjoyable read. The main character, Heather, is unhappy with her (from the outside looking in) wonderful life but doesn’t understand why she isn’t content. She struggles with guilt from her past. She leaves her perfect church where it seems everyone thereContinue reading “Book Review: Quaker Summer”

Book Review: One Thousand Gifts

Most mornings she woke weary, beaten down by dirty floors and crying children and heavy tasks. Her mind looked for escape from what lay ahead: the same as yesterday, tomorrow, and next week. Like a stagnant pond. She worked hard yesterday only to find much that needed to be tackled again. Would her life everContinue reading “Book Review: One Thousand Gifts”